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weGrow Phoenix MMJ Farmers Market

Great news! We have decided to make our Phoenix Farmers Market a staple in the community. We will be hosting our farmers market the last Sunday of each month. This way you More »

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Medical Marijuana Industry and Political News

We never know what to expect in the medical marijuana world. Who knows which states will pass, ban, regulate, or vote on MMJ laws next? This week, Massachusetts hit the news as More »


Happy Anniversary, weGrow Phoenix!

Over the weekend, weGrow Phoenix held their One Year Anniversary event. The store held one of their always-successful farmer’s markets with a great turnout. At the market, medical marijuana cardholders could freely More »

weGrow Phoenix is Turning 1!

Join weGrow Phoenix in celebrating their one year anniversary! There will be $1500 worth of raffles, giveaways, over 20 vendors, and more. Guests must have a doctor’s recommendation to join the celebration. More »

weGrow Phoenix Dispensary Permits Seminar

weGrow Phoenix will be holding a Dispensary Permits Seminar on May 16th from 12:00 – 3:00 PM. This complimentary seminar will cover more information on the financial aspects of owning a dispensary as More »

weGrow Phoenix Farmers Market

weGrow Phoenix’s Farmers Market on Sunday was a huge success! We had over 350 attendees and 30 vendors join us.  AZ Family, CBS 5, and ABC 15 covered the event Sunday night. More »


weGrow Phoenix Farmers Market for Patients

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weGrow DC Grand Opening

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Lung Cancer Infographic

Lung Cancer: History and Hope

Lung Cancer
Source: TopMastersinHealthcare.com

Sin Taxes Infographic

Take a look at this info graphic to see what percentage Colorado and Washington state plan on taxing for sales of recreational and medical marijuana:
Sin Taxes
Source: Accounting School Guide

Mexico Considers Legalizing MMJ

Although much of Mexico’s population opposes the legalization of marijuana for recreational use, a new poll published last week showed that 65 percent of Mexicans are in favor of legalization for medicinal use. While current laws prohibit the sale and production of marijuana, Mexican politicians have been hard at work discussing new changes to marijuana policy in the country.

In Mexico City, the City Council has held several marijuana policy hearings over the summer, debating on a wide range of topics including the private cultivation of marijuana plants as well as allowing private cannabis clubs as a way to minimize drug-related crime. In the Mexican congress, a group of legislators have drafted a bill that would regulate the production and sale of medical marijuana.

The proposed bill would allow Mexicans to purchase marijuana at state-regulated dispensaries or grow up to four plants at home.Under current law, citizens can possess up to five grams of marijuana, however the selling and cultivation of the plant remain prohibited.

Several high-profile Mexican politicians are openly in favor of legalizing medical marijuana, including Congressman Fernando Belaunzaran and former President Vicente Fox. Belaunzaran, the leader in the efforts to get the bill proposed, believes that legalizing the plant would greatly impact the resources of the violent drug cartels. Meanwhile Fox, who battled the powerful cartels as President from 2000 to 2006, has been the biggest supporter of marijuana policy reform in recent years and believes that Mexico could legalize marijuana within the next five years.


MMJ Advocates Rally at Kentucky Capitol Hearing

Medical marijuana advocates in the state of Kentucky are doing everything they can to change lawmakers opinion on the controversial medicine and get their voices heard. On August 21st, after a Kentucky Health Issues Poll revealed that 78 percent of Kentucky residents were in favor of legalizing medical marijuana for patient use, lawmakers in the Bluegrass state held an informational meeting to discuss the issue with the public.

In front of the Kentucky House and Senate Committee on Health and Welfare, dozens of medical marijuana advocates and supporters rallied to call for changes to the current state law. Many testified first-hand that marijuana has helped them to cope with various illnesses that would otherwise be unbearable without the treatment of cannabis.

One of the causes biggest supporters is Kentucky Sen. Perry Clark (D-Louisville), who along with other patients passionately testified at the State Capitol. Sen. Clark was quick to point out that 20 states plus the District of Columbia have already legalized medical marijuana in some capacity with several states on the verge of following suit.

Despite the passionate testimonials, several Kentucky lawmakers remain skeptical due to the potential conflict with federal law and the potential for abuse from non-patients. The public hearing at the Kentucky Capitol represents the start of a long road ahead to get a bill sponsored, which would still have to pass through the state legislature before landing on the governor’s desk for final approval.