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Arizona: 25 miles from dispensary grow your own

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All Arizona medical marijuana patients can start cultivating medicine if  caretakers and patients register early and check the box indicating there’s no dispensary within 25 miles. Since the dispensary applications aren’t accepted until June, there won’t be any dispensaries operating so it’s clearly safe to check for those that register early. Of course your application must include the letter from a doctor concerning your qualifying condition.

On the FAQ on the ADHS site it offers these guidelines.  “Since no dispensaries will be operating when the first qualifying patients obtain a registry identification card, all qualifying patients will be approved to cultivate if they request approval to cultivate.”

I hope this clears up some misconceptions regarding patients and cultivation in Arizona.
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What’s it like working for weGrow?

Painting the wall, the night before the Oakland GO

So what’s it like to be employed by weGrow?  I’ve been working here almost 2  years, I work in the marketing and IT departments. I still get some contact with the retail customers though.  While the San Francisco Chronicle coined the phrase ‘Walmart of Weed’ the actual working conditions are nothing like Walmart, I can tell you that for sure. It’s a shame the haters always start in on ‘I don’t like them they are like Walmart’ when in reality the phrase came from a headline from some editor just trying to sell newspapers.  We are weGrow, and we are proud of the job we do and the community we serve. It’s a partnership with the community we serve, and we couldn’t survive without the support we’ve received from the communities we’ve entered.  We are not Walmart.

I want to convey selling hydroponics equipment to medical marijuana patients is very rewarding. There’s a certain pride that over takes your spirit when you see the handicapped parking spots filled out front of the store and you know you’re helping someone. Medical marijuana patients are sick, and often they are on fixed incomes, so it’s real rewarding sharing grow tips and techniques with the patients. It’s someone’s grandfather, or grandmother that visit our stores, and they are looking for a break from the high cost of medical marijuana from a dispensary. With that I can feel their pain.

One of the policies I started is pushing handicapped people to the front of the line. If they come in with a walker or a cane they don’t need to be on their feet any longer than needed. So I tried to instill a culture with the crew that these people should have a spot at the front of the check-out line. It’s a small thing but I know they appreciate it. And the people that cut in front of never complain about it either, so it’s understood.

The working conditions are as you would expect, very relaxed.  Nobody gets yelled at and mistakes made are just experiences you learn from.  I have to say the founder of wegrow is very level headed for such a young man, and he’s not prone to fly off the handle. In those ways Dhar Mann is very compassionate and truly cares about the job we’re doing, the people he’s employing and the people we’re servicing. Good ideas are rewarded and that’s about all you can ask from a job.

I hope the weGrow franchise idea takes off in the medical marijuana states, that we can provide good jobs to people looking for work and eventually I get to meet face to face with all our employees, wherever that may be.