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The Arizona medical marijuana race for a dispensary is getting hot! So what are the requirements for submitting your application for a dispensary?

The medical marijuana race is on in Arizona and has been for the last year. People and organizations are all flocking to the state to try and land one of these golden tickets to operate a dispensary and marijuana cultivation center. After hearing complaints and comments from Arizona residents, the regulations on opening a dispensary were recently finalized. So exactly what is required to submit with your application?

We wanted to find out, so after the final regulations were released we decided to go talk to the Department of Health to shed some light on the matter. Normally, a point based system is enacted to qualify and issue a dispensary permit on many factors. But the AZDHS has unique requirements for what plans need to be submitted with a dispensary application. Surprisingly, this does not include a cultivation plan, fire safety plan, environmental plan, labor plan or similar documents one would expect to find in a dispensary application process.

The plans that are required include to be submitted with an Arizona dispensary application are:

1.  Inventory control plan

2.  Patient qualifying recordkeeping plan

3.  Security plan

4.  Patient Education and Support plan

5.  Financial Business Plan

We talked with the consultants over at dispensaryPermits.com to get an idea of what should be included in these plans. In addition to offering dispensary consulting services, dispensaryPermits.com has developed sample plans for the Arizona dispensary process that can be used as a template for submitting in the application. They provide a free summary of minimum information that should be included with each plan in the links above.

With the anticipation of a large amount of well qualified applicants, it is unclear whether the AZDHS will eliminate applications based on the quality of plan submitted. But judging from the type of dispensary applications received in other state dispensary processes, with some applications over 400 pages in length, it would be difficult to imagine the quality of these plans not being a significant factor in the application review process. If it is, then clearly services like that are provided by dispensaryPermits.com would be extremely valuable to any applicant. What is clear though, is that with over tens of thousands of patients registering, the citizens of Arizona are ready to light up!