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Going from Potted Plants to Hydro Grow

There are many resources on the web regarding growing BOTH indoor and outdoor crops.


There are few if any articles/ pages on whether indoor or outdoor is preferable in terms of yield.


The scope of this piece is to educate informed growers who are making the switch from outdoor/ potted plants or indoor potted grow operations to the wonderful world of hydroponics.


Why Hydro Grow Versus Outdoor?


It’s true that outdoor crops have the space, light and usually the CO2 depending on your area necessary to grow up to four, five even six feet tall over the course of their lifetimes! Some key troubles with outdoor growing outweigh the potential increase in yield, though. For instance, issues such as the following could seriously limit your harvest or even worse, your time as a free walking citizen:


  • Busted – cops, park rangers, concerned citizens, DARE educated little children and more are all potential snitches: unless your outdoor grow is well locked up and invisible to the naked eye, you could be at higher risk.


  • Animals – unlike an indoor operation, outdoor ops are subject to animal damage. Whether the deer are eating your plants or trampling them, the ill effects are the same.


  • Drought/ Monsoon Rains – factors that you can’t control exist in an outdoor environment. With hydroponic grow operations, you control everything through automated systems and a bit of good, basic chemistry.


  • Transportation – if you grow outside, if even in your backyard, it’s possible that you’ll be seen moving your harvest either from flowering into drying or drying into packaging/ storage. When growing using a hydro system, all of your work is done within the security of your own four walls.


Why Hydro Grow Versus Indoor Potted Plants?


Simply put: control. When growing hydroponically you have control over the nutrient blends that your plants receive, the watering and ventilation system and you can formulate a growing medium that works best for your crop, (rockwool or coco products with a 1″ thick line of Hydroton rocks is a popular favorite).


Indoor potted plant grow ops often face the challenges of potting soil density and nutrient imbalance. Frequently, soils will contain nutrients right out of the bag. By giving your plant added nutrient supplements when nutrients are already present, you could be doing more harm than good.


Hydroponics to the Rescue!


Hydro systems are ideally set up with an automated watering system that includes a reservoir where you can add nutrients and pH balancing agents before they reach the plants. The advantages are clear: hydro operations offer you the means to adjust every variable of the photosynthesis process to ensure maximum yield on your crops! Why pray for rain when you can auto-drip? Why trudge out in the jungle to catch ideal CO2 levels when you can regulate and generate CO2 within your hydro grow room? Save yourself trouble in the end if you’re going to grow: go hydro first and you’ll understand why hydro growers never go back!