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Pest Control – Tackling Plant Hungry Bugs

There are plenty of ways to protect your plants from unwanted pests – some are more effective than others, and others are less expensive than some. Whether using spray-on agents or passive pest control systems, you can ensure that bugs don’t eat up your plants.


Though there’s a lot of stigma surrounding chemical pest controls, using some form of pest control is better than none. Luckily, there are organic and alternative pest control systems that can be implemented to protect your plants.




1.   Hot Pepper Wax Concentrate


Made from the extracts of hot Cayenne Peppers, Hot pepper wax spray uses natural pest-repellant qualities of hot pepper juice to ward off pests including:


  • aphids
  • spider mites
  • thirps
  • whitefly
  • scale
  • An assortment of other nasty critters


Hot Pepper Wax Concentrate comes in a ready-to-use spray of twenty-two ounces and a concentrate of sixteen ounces that can make up to two gallons of spray.


2.   Bang


Bang is all organic and it protects against spider mites as well as most other plant-hungry bugs. It’s effective on both indoor and outdoor crops and is safe for hydroponics systems. Do be wary to discontinue use up to three days prior to harvest. Bad tasting smoke could ensue otherwise.


3.   Don’t Bug Me


Don’t Bug Me handles most common garden insects. The reason why Don’t Bug Me works so well is because it uses the effective ingredient Pyrethrum – a derivative of chrysanthemum flowers, this natural pest control agent is even safe to use up until the day of harvest. Don’t Bug Me affects the central nervous system of insects and repels them on more subtle levels as well such as smell.




1. Sticky Traps


A phenomenally reviewed product, sticky traps are a hands-off alternative to pest control versus sprays. Yellow sticky cards affixed to stakes will attract and catch any of the following pests that may be plaguing your garden:


  • whiteflies
  • aphids
  • fruit flies
  • gnats
  • leafhoppers
  • and many more!


Setting up your sticky traps is as simple as putting the stake in the soil with the sticky trap mid-height when compared with your plant. Shake your plant periodically and buzzing insects will be caught on the sticky surface of the trap.



2. Pyrethrum Fogger


Use of a fogger is for when the s*** has hit the fan. If you have plants that are being torn to bits by bugs already, a fogger makes quick work of them. They’re effective at killing the following nasty insects:


  • fungus gnats
  • spider mites
  • aphids
  • whiteflies
  • scale
  • Thrips
  • And many more!


Do not use a fogger if you’re planning on harvesting within the following three days. There are two sizes available of the Pyrethrum Fogger – one for rooms up to 10 x 10 feet and one for rooms 15 x 15.