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What Makes “Heady Nugs” Heady? Good Grow Habits!

Whether you’ve bought headies for too high a price or shwag that doesn’t get you high, all marijuana starts in one form: the seed.

While it’s extremely difficult to tell what strain a seed is unless you buy the seeds directly from a reputable seed dealer, there are two basic types of marijuana that your seed could be.

Two Types of Marijuana: Sativa and Indica

Indica and Sativa are like the yin and yang of marijuana; gently blending from a mental/ cranial high that sativa is known for and moving into the full, lazy, “stoned” body hit of the indica. These are crucial differences between the two that may lead you to want to purchase seeds directly rather than picking them out of a bag. If you do grow on potluck, maybe you’ll be better able to identify your crop using these characteristics as guides.




These plants typically grow short and will be densely branched. They’re great to grow in temperate climates. Dips in weather down to around sixty Fahrenheit won’t upset these girls too badly. Expect to fee a great body hit from indica plants without as much of a head high.




The sativa plant is naturally a taller plant than it’s buddy the indica, with fewer branches, and thinner stalks. Sativa plants can be finicky regarding the weather depending on the strain with which you’re working.

It can be tough to tell what seeds you’re getting if you don’t invest directly from a seed distributor. If you need sativa that’ll grow in temperate zones, check a reputable seed plant and you’ll find descriptions of strains they offer along with their propensity to grow in your area.

Sativa smoke usually yields a much more cranial high that can lead to foggy thoughts or pure clarity depending on your reaction to the different strains. You will not feel as encumbered as when smoking indica. One way to tell indicas apart from sativas is that on sativas, the leaves are typically broader.

Though these strains are inherently different, under prime growing conditions they’ll both yield sticky, crystal-packed buds. That is dependent entirely on how well they are grown.

Pot with Seeds? You’ve got Man Problems

If you’ve ever gotten mids or shwag, you know that there are plenty of seeds and stems floating around in nugget that people smoke on a regular basis. For purposes of consumption, seedy weed is nowhere near as potent or flavorful as nuggets containing no seeds. There’s a reason for this.

You can tell the gender of the plant depending on whether or not small pistils form at the intersection of branches to the main stem. If you see pistils, the plant is female. If you do not, the plant is male and should be removed IMMEDIATELY if you aren’t breeding your plants.

By removing the male plants, you eliminate the risk that their pollen will reach the females before they start to bud. This is important: if pollen gets to the female plants, your buds are going to contain seeds. If you remove the male plants and do not let the female plants get pollinated, instead of seeds forming inside of the buds, THC content of the buds rises and the buds are more dense with flowers and crystals than seeds and stems.

Voila – by taking care of the “man problem” in your garden, you’ll effectively improve the quality of your chronic by leaps and bounds!

There’s No Such Thing as an Impotent Strain

There is no strain of marijuana that doesn’t contain THC. Even the male plants have trace amounts of THC – don’t count on getting high smoking hemp, though. The female plants have the high levels of THC that are desirable for recreational smokers. If you’re planning on growing a plant that gets you more stoned per gram of buds, you’re going to need to take good care of your plants with great growing technique. However, when you clone, clone, and  clone again you can get genetic drift which reduces all the characteristics of the plant.

A few options that you can consider if you’ve yet to implement them:

  • Try growing hydroponically. Hydro systems automate much of the process and allow you greater control over the variables such as nutrients, light exposure and ventilation.
  • Only use seeds if your interested starting up your own breeding program and creating a gene pool
  • If you’re growing inside, use the right light sequences!
  • If growing outside, you MUST plant in the summer to harvest in the fall. Without the right lighting, either the pot plants won’t grow to their correct size before budding or they’ll never bud because they’re stuck in a vegetative light cycle!  Also, never plant clones before the summer equinox  because they will automatically flower.
  • Correct cycles are 16-18 hours of light on / 6-8 hours off for vegetative then 12 on/ 12 off for flowering.

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