18 Fast Growing Marijuana Strains

If you happen to be starting a garden, or if you already have one, there are few more profitable plants than the marijuana plant. Unfortunately, some strains can take over two months to grow to maturity, leaving growers waiting hard on cash before their plant buds and yields a harvest. Luckily, there are tons of strains out there, and if you’re looking for some that grow quickly, you’re in luck.


These are eighteen of the quickest growing strains of marijuana. At weGrow, we know that every garden is going to have its own special needs and schedule. If you decide on any of the below listed strains for your next harvest and you need advice or supplies to ensure that you achieve the maximum possible yield, visit any of our local branch stores or online at www.weGrowstore.com. We’ve got everything from low watt / high lumen light setups so you never set up any flags at the electric company but we’ve also got the nutrients necessary to ensure that every short step of your quick-growing plant’s life, it has what it takes to thrive.


18 Phenomenally Fast-Growing Strains

B52 – Flowers in 7 weeks – B52 is a top variety for commercially available skunk.

Grape Punch - Flowers in roughly 6 weeks – A cross of Lifesavor / Bogglegum rich and full-bodied smoke, with a distinctive punch. Potent!

Jack Flash – Flowers in roughly 6 weeks – A Jack Herer 1/2 hybrid that is simple to grow and already a classic amongst all that know it!

Amsterdam Gold – Flowers in 6 weeks – Amsterdam Gold is an Indica created in California during the 1970’s and it has been grown in Holland since the early ‘80’s. Its smoke is soft with a citrus-y fragrance and it always yields a good high. Amsterdam Gold is easy for growing, and it yields long, resinous, dense buds.

Blue Velvet – Flowers in 6-7 weeks – Blue Velvet was developed from genetic development procedures unique to Europe. Blue Velvet is not alone: Blueberry and Flo are developed from these new genetic practices. These varieties are of the highest imaginable quality. It is an Indica/Sativa mix (straight 50/50 split). The leaves and buds show hues like reds and light purples, usually on the underside of leaves. Blue Velvet produces an intense, active, “cerebral high”.

Blueberry – Flowers in 6-7 weeks – Blueberry is mostly an Indica (80% Indica, 20% Sativa), and it has been grown since the late 1970′s. This strain blooms with a lot of weight when grown in ideal circumstances. Blueberry is dense and stout. It has red, purple and blue hues that usually change when cured to a light purplish-blue. Expect a very fruity aroma and the taste of, (go figure) blueberry. It produces a pleasant and euphoric high that lasts.

Flo - FLowers in 6-7 weeks – The original “Flo” is a Sativa/Indica cross at 60% Sativa and 40% Indica w that matures early. The big, dense, spear-shaped buds consist of small tightly packed purple calyxes. They’re usually taller plants and will branch out. Indoors, the buds are entirely matured by the end of the sixth week. Outdoors, the plant is a wonderful producer especially if multi-harvested over a set period. Expect buds to be ripe about the third week in September. Every ten days after the initial harvest, new buds will continue to form and can be harvested throughout the end of November, (if the plant can be kept alive that long). Because of this, “Flo” is ideal for growing in a greenhouse. The motivational “high” you get after smoking “Flo” is extraordinary.

Mango – Flowers in 6-7 weeks – Mango is a 100% Indica variety. It is an F-1 hybrid of KC-33 and Afghani. Expect high yields and some plants to mature very early before the rest.

Night Queen – Flowers in 6-8 weeks – Night Queen is a 1197 upgraded strain. It exhibits early flowering and is a more productive strain than the average. Night Queen is a Sativa/Indica cross that yields big, fat buds. The scent is sweet and it gets you a familiar Sativa high.

Northern Lights #1 – Flowers in roughly 6 weeks – Northern Lights #1 was created in Seattle and perfected in Holland. Northern Lights has become the “industry standard” indoor plant.

Northern Lights #5 – Flowers in roughly 6 weeks – This Indica is the product of over twenty years of select inbreeding among the best in Northern Lights. It was bred for quick growth, high yields and of course an unforgettable high. #5 is a must for growers that prefer shorter, bushier plants. The buds look like they’re sugar frosted, they’re resinous in appearance and the yield of buds is high.

Purple High – Flowers in 6-7 weeks – Originally a Dutch outdoor variety, Purple High is a strong strain. Almost every plant turns a deep purple color and the whole plant is sticky with T.H.C. Purple High is very simple to get started. It is 100% Indica, yet it has an unusually fragrant smell. The taste has been described as subtly “rough around the edges”, but it delivers a crystal clear and focused high.

Purple Star – Flowers in 6-7 weeks – Purple Star is extremely strong and really simple to grow. The buds come in resinous, featuring a heavy, perfumed aroma. The smell is a bit overpowering, but this strain produces an incredibly strong high. Roughly fifty percent of Purple Star plants actually turn purple.

Twighlight – Flowers in roughly 6 weeks – Twighlight is a gorgeous purple variety (meaning all Indica) with good yields and an afghan taste. Expect heavy buds and a heavy high.

AK-48 – Flowers in roughly 6 weeks – Starting in the mid 90′s, the “AK” strains have been increasing in popularity. AK-48 is among the strongest finishing strains available, period. AK-48 yields compact buds with a potent, penetrating aroma. AK-48 is a Indica/Sativa hybrid yet the high is reminiscent of a Sativa high.

Bogglegum – Flowers in 6 weeks – This gum will never lose its flavor! It supposedly tastes like grape bubblegum, hence the name. Expect Bogglegum to flower in just 40-44 days. It grows compact, so it’s ideal for indoor growing. This strain is delicious with a soft smoke and a “CREEPER STONED” sure to please.

California Sunrise – Flowers in roughly 6 weeks – You need to see it to believe the the gilded glow of this hybrid. It smells sweet and sour and get you very high. Expect flowering starting at roughly seven weeks. Yields and timing are convenient for the commercial grower.

Double Gum – Flowers in roughly 6 weeks – Between the remarkable qualities of Double Gum is the extra sweet flavor. At  best, Double Gum has the taste and smell of pink “Double Bubble” bubblegum (again, hence the name). This is a versatile plant that does well indoors or in a greenhouse> If you’re growing outside, keep Double Gum in a warm environment. It doesn’t spout up much and the compact growth pattern makes it pretty simple to grow and keep concealed.