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Medical Marijuana News Around the US

Recently, the President tried to defend the recent crackdown on the medical marijuana industry, including raids of legitimate businesses without explanation. While medical marijuana-sympathetic voters generally choose a democratic candidate, voters are now conflicted over who to vote for. Romney has strongly opposed legalization, and the only candidate who supports legalization is Ron Paul, who is trailing Romney badly in the polls. Meanwhile, state governments are dealing with their own legislation debates:

Colorado Asks Obama to Protect Jobs

Last week, President Obama visited the University of Colorado to reach out to younger voters, and cannabis activists took the opportunity to speak out against the recent government intervention in the MMJ industry.  In a press release, it was stated that the U.S. Attorney’s plan to target nearly 200 medical marijuana businesses would result in over 1,000 jobs being lost in the wake of a recession. Meanwhile, three Boulder dispensaries are shutting down this week after the government gave them an ultimatum of moving locations by May 7 or closing.

Hawaii Sees a Spike in MMJ Patients

Since last summer, the number of Hawaii residents with medical marijuana cards has grown by about 7,600 patients – 27% lift in nine months. Hawaiians with MMJ cards are allowed to use, possess, and grow limited amounts of cannabis, but dispensaries are not allowed to operate. This boost in numbers could help pass legislation allowing dispensary operation and in the meantime it will help the businesses of doctors, lawyers, and those who sell cultivation equipment.

New Hampshire and Connecticut Pass MMJ Legislation

The New England states still face opposition to the bills. New Hampshire’s governor stated that he would veto the bill, but there’s still hope for it yet – only 3 of the 11 Senators opposed the bill, and it is rumored that at least two would change their votes, effectively overriding the veto.  In Connecticut, however, the bill is moving to the Senate and their governor has already stated that he supports MMJ and is more likely to not veto the bill.

Connecticut Passes MMJ Bill

A Connecticut bill allowing medical marijuana use has been passed by Congress and is in the hands of state Governor Malloy, who says he plans to pass the bill. The bill contains some of the country’s strictest regulations for the cultivation and distribution of medical marijuana to try to bypass some of the problems the other 16 states face in legalization. A registry of patients will be established as well as a list of diseases approved to use the drug.

Be sure to find out what the status of legalization is in your state as well as which candidates support medical marijuana use and dispensaries.