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The Benefits of Eating THC Versus Smoking Marijuana to Get High

With the exception of vaporizers, smoking pot is bad for your health, brah. Yeah! I know – we’re never supposed to admit it, but the truth is that smoking anything exposes our lungs to harsh conditions that hurt us over time! That’s why vaporizers are so great. All of the THC with none of the afterproduct. Well, there’s another, pain-stakingly obvious way to get high that many people have never even tried despite years of smoking. What, pray-tell is it? Eating THC cooked in baked goods or recipes that call for butter. Despite the proof that highs after eating food prepared with ganja butter lasts much longer than a normal stoned sensation after smoking and is much better for the health of the person getting high, many folks are skeptical about eating pot. Let’s analyze why.

Why People Are Hesitant to Make Baked Pot Goods

People fear what they don’t know. Think about it this way: if you just bought a new phone, and I told you that I could hack it to get you free stuff but there’s risk that it would break the phone, wouldn’t you hesitate if that phone just cost $300? Yeah. So people with an ounce of good pot aren’t about to dump it into a cooking pan and hope to get lucky by guessing at what they’re doing. Who else could be reluctant and holding out against eating THC products? Could it be the people who were misled to believe that literally eating marijuana straight would get them stoned? More than likely. To those, we apologize that you wasted your bag and ingested it without first processing it in butter. Had you done it correctly, you would know that eating pot versus smoking it will get you much more ripped.

Why You Should Eat Pot More than You Smoke It

As stated, eating is a preferred method of ingestion for the body 1,000 times over smoking. Most every form of ingestion aside from smoking is better than smoking. The reason is because as the flame heats the plant material, more than just THC vapors are released. Kick-back from lighter ignition can pump butane into your lungs and sparks of flint can get caught in the bowl, sucked down and into your throat should you be unlucky enough to get airplaned, (when the red, hot embers of the remains of a bowl get sucked through a non-water piece and into the back of your throat). All of these nasty side effects of smoking can cause cancer, even though THC itself is a cancer-fighting agent! Smoke maple leafs for a decade and again, there’ll be tar in your lungs as a result of the carbonization process when flame burns organic material. End case.

When you eat something, however, your body is thorough at digestion, as we’ve had roughly a few hundred millennia to perfect a system that keeps most things we eat from killing us. As people have grown and evolved, our pallets have come to accept things that they otherwise would not. We grow as people and adapt to different foods. Some people can’t take spicy food – just like some people can’t take cannabis. Either way, if you can take cannabis, eating it will fuel you with roughly the same type of baked starches that you’d get from eating a bun of a sandwich at a fast food restaurant or the slices of bread on a sandwich (with the added benefit of getting really stoned). The butter is necessary for the dough of the cookies so that is a bit fattening but overall eating pot is healthier than smoking it. As long as you’re not eating Canna-cookies or ganja brownies daily, you won’t suffer from congestive heart failure due to cholesterol build up. If THC must be ingested daily, it’s arguable as to whether smoking it or eating is best. However, for the recreational user, eating far surpasses smoking in terms of being healthy and in the intensity of the experience.

The Obvious Reason

Most importantly out of all arguments out there about whether eating cannabis is worth it, is whether it gets you more stoned. Because you do drop a lot more pot in making a batch of ganja butter than you may have if you smoked over a period of time, not everyone is willing to part with their bag under the presumption that eating a brownie will get them more high than hitting a pipe. Well, the rumor is true: ingesting pot is scientifically found to get people more high and higher for a longer period of time.

As the digestive tract is slow to absorb molecules released during digestion, the bloodstream quickly filters out THC when it is introduced through the lungs and pumped throughout the body. This means that while you may get the usual high from smoking your pot, a whole new world emerges when you eat things infused with the total THC of your entire bag. Think of it as a shot of pot rather than a beer or wine. The reason to eat things made with ganja butter is clear: it gets you a more notably intoxicated, altered or attuned feeling and that is a major reason why people love smoking pot.


Why LED Lights Are a “Bright Idea” for Marijuana Growing

LED lights may be expensive but they’re all the rage for a number of reasons. Small area grows are virtually undetectable using LED’s. There is zero risk of fire with LED lights. LED’s can be programmed to represent varying color spectrums to accommodate different strains in their ideal lighting scenario. All of these are amazing but LED’s are also completely silent when running, they can operate on low voltage and they’re safe within an inch of your plants. Is it any wonder why LED’s have made such a difference on the market? No. It’s quite obvious.

LED Pricing

Considering that a single 1.3 Watt LED light runs roughly 2 dollars retail, and you’ll be getting dozens upon dozens in rows when you invest in your grow op LED lighting system, the pricing works out to be fair. Factor in the additional security of knowing that your operation will never overheat and catch fire or set off any alarms saying, “this guy’s using an awful lot of power”, you can expect anywhere from a couple hundred bucks for a cheap 14 – 24 Watt system to in the thousands for up to 240 Watt grow kits. A great in between option with TONS of lumens for your budding beauties is the Stealth Grow 602.

The Stealth Grow 602 usually ranges between $1,400 – $1,600 but you can expect it to yield as well as a 1,000 Watt HPS bulb. As HPS bulbs “pop” roughly every 4-8 months under heavy use, the SG 602 will pay for itself in lifespan. It’s also now 25% brighter! Find LED lights like this and much more at weGrow!


Resale of LED Lights

When investing in a set up to grow anything in, especially marijuana, it’s important to know that your investment will retain its value. With LED lights versus any other type of light, you’ll get a very long-lasting bulb life (1-2 years+). This cuts down on maintenance: something every investor dreads. LED lights hold their value because they last longer and because set ups are generally more difficult. Winding connections for hundreds of small, LED lights in housings certainly takes more effort than screwing in a bulb into a pre-manufactured casing! Though because of the intricate work put into these systems, they will last in your set up for years without interruption. They won’t cause fires and they don’t suck up a lot of electricity, either. Clearly, the light of the future is the LED. A lot of folks have hesitated because of price, anticipating a drop. While the price seems high compared to fluorescent or HPS and MH set ups, the longevity is where the initial cost is offset.

If you’re looking to sell off a system with LED lights versus MH or HPS, you’re looking at at least $1,000 more than the equivalent in comparable lights. The reason is simply because LED setups hold their value. They’re also preferred by serious flower growers because they can be manipulated across any color spectrum necessary for the specific flowers being grown to thrive. Regardless of whether you resell a LED system back to a marijuana grower or a flower nut, you’re definitely in it to get a good deal. Don’t settle for less and you’ll still find that your unit sells quickly!



If you’re a first time grower and you don’t have a lot of capital to throw around, sure, it may be unreasonable to go with a LED system to fuel your plants with light. If you have saved over time and are prepared and interested in getting the highest return out of your light system, LED’s are the clear choice. If you’re a mid-sized grower looking to expand in some way, upgrading to LED’s will result in greater harvest sizes and lower electric costs, monthly. Invest wisely: research and find out how often you have to replace other bulbs and you’ll see why LED’s make the most sense over time.



Sloppy Food Play With Mary Jane: Making Ganja Butter


When people have concerns about smoking because it is a health hazard while also craving to experience the intoxicating effects of marijuana, making baked goods is a great option. While you still experience the ridiculous highs, most times even longer than if you had smoked, you also keep your lungs from turning into dried piles of crusty black lung butter (ew, ganja butter is much better than lung butter, I assure you). So without further delay, let’s get down to making ganja butter!



Shake, stems, seeds and buds (as desired) –

Generally people say that if you use an ounce of buds to 2 sticks of butter, you’ll be enormously stoned every time you cook with your butter.

For more concentrated batches, half the butter.

For sticks, stems, seeds and shake, the amount needs to compound significantly. For instance, if you grew a harvest of two pounds this season, you’ll have enough stems, shake and trimmings to make butter that’ll last you roughly a half dozen batches of brownies (all figures are estimated).

When it comes down to it, the quantity of pot material necessary for good ganja butter really boils out to whether you use THC rich buds or THC low stems and trimmings.

1 – 4 sticks of butter (depending on desired potency)



In a large pot, grind your ounce of buds or several ounces of seeds, stems and trimmings. When the entire ounce is ground up, Add the desired amount of butter depending on how stoned you want people to get when they eat your brownies. Turn the heat up, boil the butter once, then turn the heat down to a simmer and let the pot sit, covered, for at least six hours. After six hours, separate the liquid butter into a glass bowl through a strainer to catch the ground marijuana. Put this in the fridge and use it when you want to make something that calls for butter in the recipe next time: you’ll be amazed at the results!


Why It Works

The reason that pot needs to be processed through butter before it gets you stoned is because pot is lipidic, (it bonds quickly to fatty substances). As you heat the bud and the butter over a long period of time, the THC and other compounds in the marijuana begin to loosen from the plant material and infuse within the butter. This means that all properties of intoxication are transferred through, into the butter and eventually into the meal you will prepare. Brownies work wonderfully but pasta dishes and cookies work fine as well.


What to Expect

Warning to those who are faint of heart – ingesting pot rather than smoking it can intensify effects and prolong them! If you’re not a pro at getting stoned, eat brownies for the first time in a complacent environment with good people. Paranoia can be a real ***** when you’re high for four hours. Due to the slow ingestion process versus the smoking process, which gets absorbed into the bloodstream quicker but also processed quicker, the effects of the weed when through the esophagus, stomach and bowels is intense to say the least. Especially with seriously high-grade pot, you can expect to be high six hours before you come down. With that in mind – line up the movie marathon, get slews of Doritos in advance and be prepared because eating weed will creep up on you and put you under before you realized what happened.

Remember – the higher the fat content of the butter, the better it’s going to take in the THC from the pot. Check different local grocery stores for different brands if you really want to maximize your intake of psychoactive ingredients after straining your butter!