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Arizona medical-pot law expansion under consideration

weGrow Phoenix franchisee Sunny Singh was interviewed by radio station KTAR to weigh in on the potential expansion of the current MMJ law.

From KTAR:

The state health director will make the decision this week if the medical-marijuana program will be expanded to include anxiety, migraines, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

A recent University of Arizona study found little or no evidence that medical marijuana would be effective in treating those conditions.

Arizona Health Director Will Humble said there’s not much research in this area to form policy decisions.

The owner of We Grow in Phoenix, the self-proclaimed “Walmart of Weed,” agreed with Humble.

“The research is limited,” said Sunny Singh. “I think you go in and do some new research and go from there.”

Singh said he would like to see medical marijuana being allowed to treat PTSD.

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Medical Marijuana Industry and Political News

We never know what to expect in the medical marijuana world. Who knows which states will pass, ban, regulate, or vote on MMJ laws next? This week, Massachusetts hit the news as they will be one of the next states to vote this fall. Meanwhile, California continues to wage the “drug war” as Harborside Health Center was raided and feds hope to close it down – without concern for the 108,000 patients it serves. While this is dreary, the cause at least has the support of the speaker of the house, nancy Plosi, who once again reiterated her support for legalization. Read on for all the news!

Massachusetts Votes on Dispensaries: Supporters of the Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Initiative have gathered enough signatures to put it to a vote on November’s ballot. If passes, up to 35 dispensaries could be opened with home growing certificates awarded to those who live too far. Read more…

Feds Think Big Dispensaries = Illegal Activity: This week, Harborside Health Center was targeted for closure, “despite the fact that the Center appears to break no state or municipal laws,” according to MMJ Business Daily.  ”The larger the operation, the greater the likelihood that there will be abuse of the state’s medical marijuana laws, and marijuana in the hands of individuals who do not have a demonstrated medical need,” wrote US Attorney Melinda Haag. Read more…

Pelosi is on Our Side: “I have long supported efforts in Congress to advocate federal policies that recognize the scientific research and clinical research demonstrating the medical benefits of medicinal marijuana, that respects the wishes of the states in providing relief to ill individuals, and that prevents the federal government from acting to harm the safe access to medicinal marijuana provided under state law…” For the full report, read more at The Raw Story.

Don’t forget – weGrow Phoenix is hosting their Farmers Market this Sunday! With your doctor’s recommendation, you can visit 20+ booths plus win raffles with a value totaling over $1500! RSVP and pay the $5 entry fee in advance here.

Arizona’s 25-Mile Rule Threatens Home Growers

CBS 5 News interviewed local grower Scott and Sunny Singh, owner of weGrow Phoenix to discuss the 25-mile rule. This rule says that once dispensaries open (winning permits will be announced next month) marijuana cultivators living within 25 miles of a dispensary won’t be allowed to grow at home.

Says Scott, “The 25 miles is based on as the crow flies, so you can be over a mountain or, you know, it could be very far and there’s still going to be a dispensary within that 25 miles,” Scott said.

Watch the full story here:


Happy Anniversary, weGrow Phoenix!


Over the weekend, weGrow Phoenix held their One Year Anniversary event. The store held one of their always-successful farmer’s markets with a great turnout. At the market, medical marijuana cardholders could freely visit vendors to purchase plants, bongs, edibles, and more. Almost 400 patients joined in for the celebration which included over $1500 in raffle prizes from weGrow and even more from individual vendors. Plus, what’s a party without cake?

Last Sunday’s Farmers Market had lots of fresh faces. At weGrow Phoenix, a doctor on-site awarded Medical Marijuana cards to qualifying patients who brought in their medical records. Patients with their papers in-hand could then attend the market the same day.  The markets offer a safe and easily accessible way for patients to meet vendors and receive their medicine. Local news station 3 TV featured one of the vendors to discuss the market. Watch it here:

Patients Shopping the Farmers Market

Raffle Grand Prize Winner Peter

One of the Vendors, BuddFly

Great Mural at weGrow Phoenix!

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