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Happy Anniversary, weGrow Phoenix!


Over the weekend, weGrow Phoenix held their One Year Anniversary event. The store held one of their always-successful farmer’s markets with a great turnout. At the market, medical marijuana cardholders could freely visit vendors to purchase plants, bongs, edibles, and more. Almost 400 patients joined in for the celebration which included over $1500 in raffle prizes from weGrow and even more from individual vendors. Plus, what’s a party without cake?

Last Sunday’s Farmers Market had lots of fresh faces. At weGrow Phoenix, a doctor on-site awarded Medical Marijuana cards to qualifying patients who brought in their medical records. Patients with their papers in-hand could then attend the market the same day.  The markets offer a safe and easily accessible way for patients to meet vendors and receive their medicine. Local news station 3 TV featured one of the vendors to discuss the market. Watch it here:

Patients Shopping the Farmers Market

Raffle Grand Prize Winner Peter

One of the Vendors, BuddFly

Great Mural at weGrow Phoenix!

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AZ Dispensary Permit Applications Boom; State Revenue Over $2 Million

After a slow start with only 15 applications turned in on the first day, the Arizona dispensary permit applications have poured in.  By last Friday’s deadline, 484 applications were completed and sent to the Arizona Department of Health Services (DHS).

Each application consisted of a business plan, an inventory control plan, and a $5000 application fee. The 385-or-so applicants who will not receive permits will be refunded $1000 of their fee, resulting in huge revenue for the state. It was initially estimated that Arizona would make around $1 million from applications, but we estimate that around $2,035,000 will be brought in assuming that one dispensary opens in each of the 99 districts that applied.

This incredible turnout for the chance to supply Arizona’s medical marijuana patients – nearly 29,000 of them – with their medicine marks the state’s turn towards accepting medical marijuana use. This DHS map displays the areas represented by applicants with Estrella topping the list at 16 applications.

On Friday, a hearing was held to expand the list of conditions for which medical marijuana can be a treatment. The law that passed two years ago already permits medical marijuana use for cancer, glaucoma, AIDS, chronic pain, muscle spasms and hepatitis C. Other conditions being considered are PTSD, migraines, depression, and general anxiety disorder. Says DHS Director Will Humble, “I’m OK with including other conditions. I just want that decision to be based on science.”

In order to meet the May 25 deadline, some applications may have been incomplete. Next month, potential dispensaries will receive applications back to revise if they are missing any information to give every applicant a fair chance of getting chosen. For those areas where more than one eligible applicant has filed, a random drawing will determine who gets the permit.

If your application is returned to you for revision, weGrow can help. We offer a range of plans required by the AZDHS including:

Inventory Control Plan

Qualifying Patient Record Keeping Plan

Security Plan

Patient Education and Support Plan

Business Plan

These plans are available for a special price to allow you to be considered for your dispensary permit. Save $600 by bundling all 5 for $4000. For more information on completing your order, email info@wegrowstore.com. Or, if you would like to purchase plans individually, visit dispensarypermits.com.  Non-Arizona specific plans are also available.

Good luck to all who applied and watch our blog for news on the dispensary permit process.

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Marijuana is Real Medicine for a Long List of Ills

Screen shot 2012-05-25 at 1.29.35 PM

Phoenix New Times

With his muscular physique and energetic, fast-talking personality, the 36-year-old Las Vegas resident seems the epitome of health — except for the banana-size scar on the left side of his head.

Rodgers was on a good career track as a trade-show organizer until 2006, when he was diagnosed with brain cancer. Now he’s a passionate advocate of medical marijuana, lives on government disability, and earns a few extra bucks making candles that look like brains.

He was one of several patients who attended a conference in Tucson last month regarding the use of marijuana in medicine.

Rodgers was fishing in Canada when the first seizure struck. He was rushed from the backcountry to a hospital, but doctors didn’t find the cause until three months later, after another seizure. The diagnosis is seared in his memory.

“Your tumor is here,” his doctor told him while pointing at an x-ray of his head. “You’re going to die.”

Rodgers was given 18 months to live. Surgeons were able to remove about 80 percent of the tumor in 2007 and told him it probably would come back. They also put him on a chemotherapy regimen, which was when he “got involved in cannabis.” He’d tried it a few times in his late teens and early 20s, but this experience was different.

“I took two puffs, and it was incredible,” he says. “It made me feel well.” Read more.
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Surprising State Joins MMJ Debate

Now that election season is upon us, lawmakers and voters are particularly riled up about medical marijuana in key states such as New York, California, Ohio, and Massachusetts. Now, a measure proposed in Fargo could make North Dakota the 18th state to approve medical marijuana use. The 22-page proposed law would require a doctor’s permission for marijuana use and they can only get the medicine from a state-approved dispensary.

The measure comes just a couple of weeks following Connecticut’s adoption of a similar law. Whereas we can hope that Connecticut’s decision may affect Massachusetts and New York, it is unclear what will follow North Dakota’s vote. In fact, North Dakota’s level of support is relatively unknown. Its neighbor Montana already allows medical marijuana use, but South Dakota has rejected laws twice in the past six years.

According to Medical Marijuana Business Daily, in order for the law to pass:

“the secretary of state must first give organizers the green light to begin gathering signatures. Supporters will then need to get enough people to sign the petition to qualify it for the November ballot, and then voters would have to approve the initiative for it to become law. In other words, there’s a long way to go. But it’s an encouraging sign nonetheless, as it furthers the MMJ debate.”

If North Dakota passes the proposition, the country will be only 8 states shy of a majority of states which have passed medical marijuana legislation.  Watch our blog for up-to-date news following the medical marijuana debate across the country.