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Medical Marijuana News From Coast to Coast


Despite the setback in Los Angeles as a dispensary ban is considered, the medical marijuana cause is still going strong with very positive news across the country.  It’s still unclear if the Los Angeles ban, which would hurt both patients and the economy, will go into effect. Meanwhile, in Sacramento positive steps are being made for the regulation of medical marijuana. Even more encouraging is the fact that Connecticut has officially passed its medical marijuana law. Finally, New Jersey is on the verge of opening its first dispensaries.

Los Angeles
Earlier this week, a three-person council voted to shut down medical marijuana dispensaries in the Los Angeles area and outlaw new ones from opening. The city has struggled with regulation of distribution for years, but shutting down the dispensaries will only make it more difficult for patients to receive treatment and will leave hundreds unemployed. It is being argued that banning dispensaries will only take the industry back to dealing illegally – and dangerously.  A highly supported counterproposal was advanced to leave 100 dispensaries open.

In a 41-28 vote, the California State Assembly passed a bill that would regulate the production and distribution of medical marijuana for qualified patients. AB 2312, the Medical Marijuana Regulate, Control and Tax Act, was introduced earlier this year by Assembly member Tom Ammiano (D-San Francisco) and others.

“More than 15 years after Californians passed Proposition 215, patients are still in need of a commonsense approach to the production and distribution of medical marijuana,” said Don Duncan, California Director with Americans for Safe Access. The bill would assist patients in accessibility of medicine while increasing revenue for California significantly.

The implementation of the bill is largely thanks to a grassroots movement, led by Americans for Safe Access. More than 300 patients and policy advocates stormed the Capitol, meeting with each member of the state legislature and urging them to pass the bill. AB 2312 will now proceed to the State Senate, where it must pass out of committee by July 6th and must come to a Senate floor vote by August 31st.

In May, Connecticut passed a bill to legalize medical marijuana for illnesses such as cancer, glaucoma, epilepsy and Chrohn’s disease…and it passed! Connecticut’s government website has all the information. Congratulations on becoming the 17th state to legalize, Connecticut!

New Jersey
The New York Times provides coverage of two soon-to-be dispensaries in New Jersey. Jersey legalized medical marijuana use almost two and a half years ago, but dispensaries have not yet opened.

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AZ Dispensary Permit Applications Boom; State Revenue Over $2 Million

After a slow start with only 15 applications turned in on the first day, the Arizona dispensary permit applications have poured in.  By last Friday’s deadline, 484 applications were completed and sent to the Arizona Department of Health Services (DHS).

Each application consisted of a business plan, an inventory control plan, and a $5000 application fee. The 385-or-so applicants who will not receive permits will be refunded $1000 of their fee, resulting in huge revenue for the state. It was initially estimated that Arizona would make around $1 million from applications, but we estimate that around $2,035,000 will be brought in assuming that one dispensary opens in each of the 99 districts that applied.

This incredible turnout for the chance to supply Arizona’s medical marijuana patients – nearly 29,000 of them – with their medicine marks the state’s turn towards accepting medical marijuana use. This DHS map displays the areas represented by applicants with Estrella topping the list at 16 applications.

On Friday, a hearing was held to expand the list of conditions for which medical marijuana can be a treatment. The law that passed two years ago already permits medical marijuana use for cancer, glaucoma, AIDS, chronic pain, muscle spasms and hepatitis C. Other conditions being considered are PTSD, migraines, depression, and general anxiety disorder. Says DHS Director Will Humble, “I’m OK with including other conditions. I just want that decision to be based on science.”

In order to meet the May 25 deadline, some applications may have been incomplete. Next month, potential dispensaries will receive applications back to revise if they are missing any information to give every applicant a fair chance of getting chosen. For those areas where more than one eligible applicant has filed, a random drawing will determine who gets the permit.

If your application is returned to you for revision, weGrow can help. We offer a range of plans required by the AZDHS including:

Inventory Control Plan

Qualifying Patient Record Keeping Plan

Security Plan

Patient Education and Support Plan

Business Plan

These plans are available for a special price to allow you to be considered for your dispensary permit. Save $600 by bundling all 5 for $4000. For more information on completing your order, email info@wegrowstore.com. Or, if you would like to purchase plans individually, visit dispensarypermits.com.  Non-Arizona specific plans are also available.

Good luck to all who applied and watch our blog for news on the dispensary permit process.

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Marijuana is Real Medicine for a Long List of Ills

Screen shot 2012-05-25 at 1.29.35 PM

Phoenix New Times

With his muscular physique and energetic, fast-talking personality, the 36-year-old Las Vegas resident seems the epitome of health — except for the banana-size scar on the left side of his head.

Rodgers was on a good career track as a trade-show organizer until 2006, when he was diagnosed with brain cancer. Now he’s a passionate advocate of medical marijuana, lives on government disability, and earns a few extra bucks making candles that look like brains.

He was one of several patients who attended a conference in Tucson last month regarding the use of marijuana in medicine.

Rodgers was fishing in Canada when the first seizure struck. He was rushed from the backcountry to a hospital, but doctors didn’t find the cause until three months later, after another seizure. The diagnosis is seared in his memory.

“Your tumor is here,” his doctor told him while pointing at an x-ray of his head. “You’re going to die.”

Rodgers was given 18 months to live. Surgeons were able to remove about 80 percent of the tumor in 2007 and told him it probably would come back. They also put him on a chemotherapy regimen, which was when he “got involved in cannabis.” He’d tried it a few times in his late teens and early 20s, but this experience was different.

“I took two puffs, and it was incredible,” he says. “It made me feel well.” Read more.
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AZ Dispensary Permit Applications Due Friday

Last week, the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) began accepting applications for the operation of medical marijuana dispensaries.  15 applications were received on the first day, and dozens more are expected to come in by the end of the week.

The fact that Arizona is able to offer permits comes after a surprising turn of events last year after Gov. Jan Brewer banned this very application process. In 2010, voters approved the Medical Marijuana Act, but Brewer attempted to keep it from going into effect. According to MMJ Business Daily, “Brewer delayed the start of the licensing program for cannabis dispensaries last spring, citing her fear that state employees would be prosecuted by federal agents. She ordered the state to file a lawsuit against the U.S. government, asking for clarification on the issue.”

A judge later ruled that Brewer’s efforts were illegal and ordered the state to implement the act – without the many proposed restrictions. This week, dispensaries are finally able to apply to sell to the 35,000 MMJ patients.  The act allows up to 126 dispensaries to operate in Arizona.

The information on application requirements can be found on the ADHS website. There is a $5000 application fee, and $1000 will be returned to those who are not accepted. Among other requirements, dispensaries must employ a physician as a medical director to help oversee operations and fingerprints must be turned in.

Applications will be reviewed for content in June to allow potential dispensaries to provide additional information if needed. Certificates are set to be awarded in early August, allowing patients to receive medication as early as September. The cut-off for applications is at 5PM this Friday, May 25.

weGrow offers plans for dispensaries and cultivation including business, operations, and financial plans. More information on all the plans we offer can be found at dispensarypermits.com.