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Medical Marijuana Dispensary Guidelines Released in Vermont

Vermont’s Department of Public safety has announced guidelines for the state’s first medical marijuana dispensaries. Patients, advocates, and those who hope to run a facility say they’re pleased with the results.

“They did a real good job,” said state-registered medical marijuana patient Mark Tucci. The Manchester resident has played an integral role in crafting the state’s medical marijuana law. Eight years after the initial legislation passed, new rules are in place for businesses to sell marijuana to patients like him.

Vermont has about 450 medical marijuana patients. They currently grow their own marijuana or have a designated caregiver do it for them. However, that will change soon.

As many as four distribution centers state-wide could be operational by the end of the year. Legislation prohibits more and limits the number of patients in the state to 1,000.

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Vermont Gets Closer to Opening Dispensaries

The Department of Public safety answers questions posed by the legislature about how Vermont can implement medical marijuana dispensaries.

Vermont has more than 400 registered medical marijuana patients. Many are eagerly anticipating the scheduled July opening of dispensaries, but several hurdles must be cleared before that becomes a reality.

A recently released report cleared one such hurdle Tuesday, as Vermont’s Department of Public Safety answered three questions posed by the legislature.

The first task for the administrators, determine the actual and projected costs of administering the state’s new medical marijuana dispensary law.

“There’s no general fund monies that will be used to offset this program, it will all be generated through fees,” said Paco Aumand, a division director at the Department of Public Safety.

He says fees that will be imposed on dispensaries and patients are based on the projected cost of the program. The report estimates those costs to be slightly less than $140,000 in fiscal year 2013 – most of which would be paid by the dispensaries.

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