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weGrow Store Compassionate Use Activist Overview

Mike Sugarman and well known bay area newscaster

Medical marijuana has been decriminalized in 15 states, here at weGrow Store we want to inform every person in the US that medical marijuana exists. It’s a real thing, helping real patients. We want to approach doubters with facts about medical marijuana. Facts like the medium age of a medical marijuana patient in California is over 40 years old. It’s not just young people getting a doctor’s recommendation simply to get high. We want people to know that raids on dispensaries have dropped 40% under the current administration. A senator in Colorado has authored a bill to make marijuana legal on the federal level. We want to remind medical marijuana patients that medical marijuana stands to get legalized on it’s own grounds, just as recreational use does, on it’s own grounds. Stick to the task at hand and advocate the legalization of medical marijuana in  a regulated fashion. As our industry matures we’ll see useful regulations being set up.

Trucks broadcasting about medical marijuana from wegrow

In recent federal court proceedings against Dr. Molly Fry the jurors were excluded from the jury if they knew anything about California’s medical marijuana laws. Dr. Fry has since been found guilty of cultivation of around 40 plants, which normally falls into the under 99 plant limit threshold that would exclude federal prosecution. In this case they aggregated previous year’s crops, which over the course of 3 years put her over the 99 plant limit. Molly started her 5 year sentence last month, to the angst of most activists.

Mike Sugarman and well known bay area newscaster

That’s just part of the reason we approached the media about getting the word out. For those that have never heard of medical marijuana it’s a normalization of a business that helped feed this country and beautified neighborhoods across the nation. For medical marijuana patients it brings them together in a festive venue where community gatherings become a fun chance to mingle with the like minded.

Another spanish language station picking up the wegrow grand opening

And it’s not just in the US. Coverage across the globe from Mexico, Japan, UK, France and other countries puts our patient message out globally. With recent events like what’s going on in Montana there’s never been a better reason to build on our common interest and devote ourselves into medical marijuana patient solidarity.

Media at the original iGrow Store in Oakland